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Whether you’re learning a new language or brushing up on your English vocabulary, it helps to know the various synonyms for care. Below, you’ll find a list of ESL images and useful example sentences to help you learn the word. Care is a term used to describe provision for necessary things. Examples of care are guidance and protection provided by a local authority. Care can also refer to showing affection and compassion to someone.

One source of synonyms is loanwords. In most European languages, loanwords from ancient Greek and Latin are widely used but native terms are retained in certain contexts. In East Asia, Chinese and Arabic are major sources of synonyms. Many bound morphemes in Latin are synonyms of native terms. However, different technical fields may appropriate synonyms for specific meanings. In fact, synonyms are often used as euphemisms.


Care is a synonym of worry and concern. Both words stress the weight of responsibility and apprehension. Care emphasizes anguished uncertainty and fear of misfortune, while concern suggests a troubled state of mind due to a personal interest or concern. Using these words in combination strengthens your vocabulary and refines your writing. The following list offers antonyms and their definitions. Here are three ways to use these words in your writing.

Here’s a list of the most common synonyms for the word care. The top five are careless, careful, and Providence. However, care is related to 905 other words. The site Related Words uses a different technique to help you find related words. Once you’ve found one, you can check out the others below to find even more synonyms for care. If you have a question about a word, try looking up related definitions of that word.

You can find synonyms for care instructions in many different dictionaries. The English Thesaurus, for instance, is a good source for synonyms of care instructions. The dictionary’s sources include Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, and Chambers Harrap dictionaries. Merriam Webster’s online version also provides a list of synonyms for care. However, the Reverso dictionary may provide more accurate results.

Idiomatic expressions

There are several idiomatic expressions in English. Each language has its own unique idioms. Snowed under, hard at work, and busy as a bee all mean that you are very busy with a task. Likewise, burnt out means that you are completely exhausted, usually because of stress or overwork. You can use these expressions to express how busy you are, or even to make excuses for not attending an event.

These idiomatic expressions can be used to add color and character to prose, allowing the author to play with words and make their meanings more memorable. They are common in spoken and written language, and sometimes they seem grammatically unusual. To learn their meanings, however, you must be familiar with their usage. The good news is that idioms are a fun part of language learning!

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