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Strong Coin Price

If you are looking for ways to earn profits with your crypto investments, you should understand what STRONG is. STRONG is an ERC-20 token, a reward medium for contributing to blockchain networks. The coin is currently listed on ChainSwap. In addition to being a reward medium, it is also a node as a service platform. Therefore, it makes sense to learn as much as you can about this new coin before you begin investing.

STRONG is an ERC-20 token

Strong is an ERC-20 token that is a new cryptocurrency that was launched just last month. Although available only on Uniswap, it is expected to reach more CEXs in the near future. Strong’s price fluctuates wildly and can change dramatically. It is currently priced at $ 5.84, but that value may go higher or lower at any given time. To get started, all you need is 10 Stronger tokens and some Ethereum for gas and monthly fees.

It is a node-as-a-service platform

As the name suggests, NaaS is a blockchain service that allows users to create and run their own nodes on various blockchains. The platform makes it easy for users who do not have any technical knowledge to run their own nodes and earn rewards in return. Currently, StrongBlock is trading at $23 with a market cap of $10 million. The circulating supply of StrongBlock is 400,000 tokens, and more than 95% of them will be burnt in 2020.

It is a reward medium to donate to blockchain networks

The STRONG coin price is a reward medium for those willing to contribute to a blockchain network. Originally, the token served as a reward for operating Ethereum nodes. The current circulating supply is around 138,000 STRONG tokens. With StrongBlock, it is now possible to participate in blockchain security without having any technical expertise. Its node-as-a-service tool automates the process, making it easy to become a node operator without requiring knowledge of coding or server administration.

It is listed on ChainSwap

The STRONG project is a blockchain based decentralized exchange aiming to connect the Ethereum network to other blockchains. Since its launch last December, the coin has constantly increased in value, thanks to the support of IBM and Block one. It works on a node model, allowing community members to contribute to the infrastructure and participate in the network. The currency’s price is listed on several exchanges, including ChainSwap and CoinMarketCap.

It is a bullish investment

As the price of STRONG continues to climb, it would seem that the cryptocurrency is on the right track. This digital currency has significant technical utility and is deployed on a rapidly growing blockchain ecosystem. Furthermore, the project is backed by a thriving user-centric community and a seasoned team of developers. This fact alone makes it a solid investment, and its price will likely rise in the coming months.

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