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Popular PlayStation Portable Games

There are thousands of PlayStation Portable games to choose from. The Sony PSP was the first major handheld device from the company. It introduced memorable games from popular PlayStation franchises as well as impressive third-party support. You can even get PlayStation games on UMD. Here are some of the most popular titles to play on the PlayStation Portable:

Burnout Legends: This 2005 PSP title was less of an original game than it was a greatest hits collection, with all of the best modes from previous Burnout titles and 95 cars to unlock. This game also avoided the common problems that plagued other AAA series on the PSP. It had full camera control and avoided the graphical glitches found in other PSP games in the series. The game was released to mixed reviews from critics, but it remains one of the most popular PSP games.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection: Tekken fans can now play the home console version of the fighting game. The game features a time-reset system and levelling system to upgrade weapons and skills. It’s a perfect pick for your coffee break, and you can even play multiplayer. Daxter is a member of the best PlayStation duo. If Sony adds this game to the PlayStation Plus Premium library, it could be another top-notch game to enjoy.

Space Station Silicon Valley: Another must-have PSP game is Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. This PlayStation Portable game is the first Ratchet & Clank game for the console. It is a story-driven RPG about saving Luna from Technomites and discovering their origin. The game was developed by former Insomniac developers High Impact Games, and boasts impressive graphics. With its smooth vector art style and catchy chants, this title will certainly keep you entertained.

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